Our team is able to scan concrete that is up to 12 inches thick in order to locate electrical utilities, pipeline and more. By using this technology, we can avoid potential issues and finish our project quickly.
We supply fire stopping products that are both proven effective and high quality to keep gases and fires from spreading. We have multiple solutions available to ensure safety in a variety of buildings.
The team from Walser Contracting Ltd. is able to work on even the largest commercial and industrial buildings because of our ability to fabricate and install structural steel. Trust us for your needs!
From major structural changes to renovations and foundation repairs in your home, we have the team members to complete the residential job you need. Improve your home’s functionality today.

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Walser Contacting - For all your Industrial Contracting Needs in Edmonton

Walser Contracting Ltd. provides a wide array of heavy contracting services for industrial, commercial and residential customers in and around Edmonton. No job is too small! We are fully equipped to provide services ranging from concrete cutting & coring to structural imaging and reinforcement. We are even capable of performing helicopter-assisted construction for particularly large jobs.

Heavy Civil & Industrial Contracting in Edmonton
As a contractor in Edmonton, we are able to provide flexible, versatile and clean cuts with diamond wire saws, wall saw, slab saw and hand saws. This enables us the opportunity to provide unlimited cutting solutions for our clients all throughout Western Canada. We create any openings needed for your construction products including, but not limited to, wiring, pipes, doors, LRT openings and more without disrupting the integrity of your property. Additionally, our saws are capable of concrete and metal cutting (including 100% steel), dry and wet. We are also capable to cut underwater (docks, pipelines, etc.), as well as explosive situations (Hydrogen Upgrader and/or Refinery settings). The wire and wall saws are remotely controlled which adds an extra level of safety for the technician.

Structural Steel Reinforcement
At Walser Contracting Ltd., we fabricate and install structural steel reinforcement for openings that we have created as per engineering guidelines. While adding the reinforcements, we are also capable of installing fire-stop caulking to improve the safety of the building.

Edmonton Demolition & Renovations
For over eight years, Walser Contracting has been providing Edmonton businesses and residents with top-quality contracting work on projects of all sizes. If you are looking for residential renovations we are capable of working on everything from foundation repairs to major additions. While, for industrial clients, we have the flexibility to work around your existing structures, or assist with a complete demolition & renovation.

Our contracting company in Edmonton employs experienced professionals who use the latest cutting methods and equipment. All employees receive in-house training and each plays an important role in keeping our worksites safe and efficient.

We have COR certification and have three NCSOs on staff. If you need hording, hand railing or water control, our journeyman carpenter will address these situations.

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Walser Contracting Ltd. delivers expert concrete advice, services and solutions for complex construction challenges in Edmonton and Western Canada. Contact us at 780-721-3405 to request a bid.