Fireproofing in Edmonton Alberta

Fireproofing Your Building with Fire-Stop Caulking

Fire-stop caulking is highly useful for mitigating fire hazards throughout a structure. If a fire does start, fire-stop caulking which has been applied by a trained and experienced Edmonton contractor such as Walser Contracting Ltd. can greatly slow its spread and its resulting damage. If you want to make your industrial, commercial or residential building safer, then investing in fire-stop caulking for your Edmonton building is a great idea.

Fire-stop caulking provides a strong line of defense in the event of a fire or another disaster, such as a toxic or combustible chemical spill. It can be used to seal up any small openings or construction joints which would otherwise allow smoke, fire, heat or dangerous gases to seep through from one area of the building to another. The special chemical composition of fire-stop caulking ensures that such hazards are properly contained.

Electrical fires can be particularly damaging because they begin at electrical lines inside of a structure's walls. Not only does this make the fire difficult to access, but, because electrical lines run all throughout the building, it creates a situation in which the fire can easily spread. Fire-stop caulking can effectively be used to fill in the spaces around the wire, slowing down or stopping electrical fires.

Another major benefit of fire-stop caulking is that it can actually enhance the structural integrity of your building. In the event of a fire, fire-stop caulking can protect construction joints and other structures which the fire would otherwise damage. Furthermore, fire-stop caulking is incredibly durable, resistant to water, and binds easily to just about any material. While it will need to be reapplied from time to time, your building's fire-stop caulking is not something that you'll constantly have to be monitoring or worried about.

In order to ensure proper installation of fire-stop caulking in Edmonton, you want to work with trained and certified technicians who know what they are doing. Every building is unique, with its own unique fire hazard risks which are best mitigated with the right application of the right materials. A professional contractor will use the best products and services for the job.

Once your fire-stop caulking has been installed, you'll want to include it in your routine fire-stop maintenance program by having it regularly inspected and reapplied as needed. With a bit of routine maintenance, your building can stay actively protected against the risk of fire and fire damage.

At Walser Contracting Ltd., we are committed to providing effective fire-stop caulking in Edmonton no matter how small or large your project is. As a contractor who only works with products from the highest quality suppliers, you can trust that we'll only be satisfied with a job well done. Our fire-stopping products will ensure that any occupants or residents of your building have more time to safely exit if need be.

For any of your commercial, industrial or residential fire-stopping needs, don't hesitate to get in touch with Walser Contracting Ltd. today.

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