Metal cutting in Edmonton

The Processes of Metal Cutting

Demolition projects for buildings with metal components can prove to be quite difficult if the right metal cutting techniques are not used. Unlike brick, metal can't simply be demolished with equipment such as a wrecking ball. Removing metal calls for specialized metal cutting tools and techniques that an Edmonton metal cutting contractor, such as Walser Contracting Ltd., is familiar with.

Metal Cutting Techniques 

Depending on the size and type of metal which needs to be cut, there are many different processes which an Edmonton metal cutting pro might choose to use. These include:

Manual Cutting 

Manual cutting using a variety of hand tools is the most basic method of cutting metals. The most basic tool for cutting metal is a steel hacksaw. Other projects may call for the use of chisels or perhaps for carbon steel sheers, which are capable of cutting through 26 gauge stainless steel.


Drilling is used when a hole of a required size needs to be cut into a piece of metal. It utilizes a combination of force and rotation to move a drill bit through the metal.


Turning is when a device such as a lathe rapidly spins a sharp cutting tool against the surface of a metal. Turning is ideal when only a layer from a piece of metal needs to be removed.


Welding works via the application of very high heat to the surface of a piece of metal. The heat causes the metal to soften and then eventually break along a predetermined line.

Flame Cutting 

Flame cutting using an oxy acetyl cutter is done by first heating the metal up with a 3,500 degrees centigrade gas flame. A precise stream of oxygen can then be used to melt the metal along a desired line.

Laser Cutting 

Laser cutting uses a highly concentrated beam of light which is capable of reaching extremely high temperatures. Laser cutting allows for exact precision and a very clean cut.

Plasma Cutting 

Today's plasma cutters, which use plasma that is hot enough to melt metal upon contact, are also capable of achieving incredibly precise accuracy.

Water Jet Cutting 

Finally, water jet cutting, which uses a highly pressurized and concentrated stream of water, is useful for cutting metals which are sensitive to heat.

Experienced Metal Cutting Contractor in Edmonton 

If you need metal cutting services in Edmonton, then the professionals at Walser Contracting Ltd. have the experience, training, techniques, and tools to do it right. Whether in the form of sheets, shafts, rebar, nozzles, or electric motors, cutting through any dense metal is our specialty. Our metal cutting services can be tailored to meet the needs of any project.

Among the numerous projects that Walser Contracting Ltd. has worked on are the Edmonton Federal Building, the New Edmonton Arena, and the Calgary Airport. For an experienced Edmonton contractor to help with your next project, don't hesitate to get in touch with Walser Contracting Ltd.

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