Concrete coring and cutting in Edmonton Alberta

The Tools Required for Large-Scale Concrete Work

Concrete cutting and drilling is no easy task. Our concrete cutting services in Edmonton utilize specialized tools, techniques and new technologies in order to safely, accurately and efficiently cut through concrete. Concrete cutting is the process of cutting a square- or rectangular-shaped incision in a concrete slab, while concrete coring is used to make circular cuts.

Walser Contracting Ltd., an Edmonton concrete coring company, uses a variety of different tools in order to provide quality concrete coring and concrete cutting services. You may be surprised at how many options there are for cutting and coring through concrete.

Concrete Cutting Tools

Concrete cutting is needed for construction projects on dams, parking garages, sewage treatment plants, bridges, highways, runways, and any other project which requires cutting through concrete, cement, stone, or terra-cotta.

A common tool utilized during concrete cutting projects is a slab saw. A slab saw, or a floor saw, is a gas or electric saw which is capable of cutting flat slabs that are laid down horizontally. If, on the other hand, a vertical slab of concrete needs to be cut, then an Edmonton contractor will typically use a wall saw. Wall saws are composed of a circular saw on a track-mounted system which is secured to a wall and run back and forth.

For small- to medium-sized concrete cutting projects, hand saws provide the perfect mixture of flexibility and power. Capable of cutting through concrete floors, walls, brick, and even concrete pipe, hand saws are ideal for a job where access is limited. Alternatively, for large structures and big jobs, no tool can beat the cutting power of a diamond wire saw. Diamond wire saws make quick work of reinforced concrete and can be used to cut non-uniform shapes.

Concrete Drilling Tools

Concrete core drilling is a common technique used to make openings for pipes, wiring, and air vents. Core drilling is carried out using a tool known as a diamond core drill, which is capable of drilling precise holes. The type of drill bit which is used depends on the type of project it is needed for, as different bits have different grades of hardness.

Most diamond core drills are electric, but, depending on the specifics of the job, hydraulic- or air-powered drills may be preferred. Diamond core drills also differ in whether they are hand-held or rig-mounted. Hand-held drills are more compact and therefore easier to use for small projects, but larger diameter holes will always require the use of a heavy-duty rig-mounted drill.

Walser Contracting Ltd. Has the Right Tools for the Job

If you require any concrete cutting or coring services, then the Edmonton contractor Walser Contracting Ltd. has the right tools and expertise needed to make sure that your large-scale infrastructure project goes smoothly. We provide reliable concrete coring and concrete cutting services in Edmonton that can be adapted to meet any specifications.

For any more information about the services provided by our trusted Edmonton concrete coring company, simply contact Walser Contracting Ltd. today.

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