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The staff at Walser Construction Ltd. realizes that not everyone knows everything about construction and demolition. That is why we want to educate you. We now have a new blog with information on construction topics as well as construction advice in Edmonton. Please check back regularly to see new articles.

  • Metal cutting in Edmonton
    The Processes of Metal Cutting

    Demolition projects for buildings with metal components can prove to be quite difficult if the right metal cutting techniques are not used. Unlike brick, metal can't simply be demolished with equipment such as a wrecking ball. Removing metal calls for specialized metal cutting tools and techniques that an Edmonton metal cutting contractor, such as Walser Contracting Ltd., is familiar with.

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  • Concrete coring in Edmonton
    The Process of Concrete Coring

    Walser Contracting Ltd. provides what many might consider a unique – and strange sounding – services for interior and exterior renovations for commercial and residential customers in Edmonton and the surrounding area. That is, unless you’re in the construction business or have an engineering background. One of the questions owner Michael Podolak gets asked frequently is about concrete coring – like what is it and how is it used?

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  • Demolition
    Preparing for Building

    Demolition activity often indicates economic growth. It’s a sign of a city in the midst of expansion and revitalization.

    In Edmonton, our city is constantly being renewed. Old factories are gutted and converted into new office spaces or residences. Industrial facilities are cleared to make way for new machinery and equipment. Dilapidated houses are demolished in favour of new, higher-efficiency homes.

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  • Fireproofing in Edmonton Alberta
    Fireproofing Your Building with Fire-Stop Caulking

    Fire-stop caulking is highly useful for mitigating fire hazards throughout a structure. If a fire does start, fire-stop caulking which has been applied by a trained and experienced Edmonton contractor such as Walser Contracting Ltd. can greatly slow its spread and its resulting damage. If you want to make your industrial, commercial or residential building safer, then investing in fire-stop caulking for your Edmonton building is a great idea.

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  • Concrete coring and cutting in Edmonton Alberta
    The Tools Required for Large-Scale Concrete Work

    Concrete cutting and drilling is no easy task. Our concrete cutting services in Edmonton utilize specialized tools, techniques and new technologies in order to safely, accurately and efficiently cut through concrete. Concrete cutting is the process of cutting a square- or rectangular-shaped incision in a concrete slab, while concrete coring is used to make circular cuts.

    Walser Contracting Ltd., an Edmonton concrete coring company, uses a variety of different tools in order to provide quality concrete coring and concrete cutting services. You may be surprised at how many options there are for cutting and coring through concrete.

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